Matsushiro Seismological Observatory

The Matsushiro earthquake swarm which startedwith three unfelt earthquakes on August 3rd 1965 caused big social problems. It resultedin the fact that by April 17th 1966 there had been a total of 6,780 earthquakes, with6,119 unfelt and 611 felt. Among the felt earthquakes there were each of three earthquakesrated at intensity 4 and 5. This series of concentrated earthquakes brought about thefollowing significant results ;

The valuable scientific and social experience and outcomes of this earthquake swarm facilitated great progress in earthquake prediction and disaster control. These experiences and outcomes became a base for establishing the Special Legislation on Large Scale Earthquake Disaster which was enacted in 1978 and is reflected in the present 24hrs monitoring system for Tokai Earthquake. In the wake of the Matsushiro Swarm, local governments requested the national government to establish an integrated research institute for earthquakes. At that time, the mayor of Matsushiro, Kenjiro Nakamura, made the following statement: "We want science and research more than materials and money". Inspired by the mayor's enthusiasm, the former Japanese prime minister, Esaku Sato promised to establish a research institute for earthquakes. Then, the Matsushiro Swarm Center was approved in a Cabinet meeting on Nov.29th, 1966 as a consultative body by concerned government ministries. The office was started within the Matsushiro Seismological Observatory of Japanese Meteorological Agency. The Matsushiro Seismological Observatory does research on swarms or past earthquakes like the one at Matsushiro. It is also involved in the following projects; Collection and Analysis of the Documents and Material, Enlightenment of Earthquake Knowledge, Cooperative activities with Prefecture・。・㎏ earthquake countermeasures, and response to the inquiries on earthquakes. Housed documents and material were compiled to a database and be easily found by searching the classification of contents, titles, and each earthquake・。・㎏ name.

Matsushiryo Earthquake Data