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Natural Disaster Research Report of NIED List

Natural Disaster Research Report of NIED List [ ISSN 1347-7471 (ONLINE) ]
No. Issue date(Online) Title Author Page PDF
52 2018.9 Research Report on Disaster Caused by the July 2017 Northern Kyushu Heavy Rainfall First Cover,
Prompt Report of Meteorological Analysis on the July 2017 Northern Kyushu Heavy Rainfall Ryohei KATO, Shingo SHIMIZU, Ken-ichi SHIMOSE, Takeshi MAESAKA, Namiko SAKURAI, and Yukari SHUSSE 1-7 2.02MB
Development of a Sediment Movement Trace Map for the July 2017 Northern Kyushu Heavy Rainfall Tsuyoshi WAKATSUKI, Masato SATO, Naoyuki YOSHIHARA, Souhei ENOMOTO, and Hikaru MURA 9-20 7.33MB
Organizing Information on Local Damage and Disaster Relief Activities: Drawing a Timeline Chart for the July 2017 Northern Kyushu Heavy Rainfall Masaki IKEDA, and Toru SHINOHARA 21-31 0.86MB
NIED's Disaster Response to the July 2017 Northern Kyushu Heavy Rainfall: Aims Yuichiro USUDA 33-34 0.23MB
Construction and Investment of NIED-Crisis Response Site -A Case Study of The July 2017 Northern Kyushu Heavy Rainfall- Hiroaki SANO, Ryota SATO, and Masaki IKEDA 35-46 0.81MB
The State of and Challenges to Information Support Management Systems for the NIED in Disaster Response – A Case study of the July 2017 Northern Kyushu Heavy Rainfall – Taiyoung YI, Makoto HANASHIMA, and Yuichiro USUDA 47-54 0.87MB
Information Support Activities at Fukuoka Prefecture Disaster Headquarters – A Case Study of The July 2017 Northern Kyushu Heavy Rainfall – Hiroaki SANO and Yoshinobu MIZUI 55-71 2.19MB
Information Support Activities at Oita Prefecture Disaster Headquarters Takuya TAKAHASHI, Tadashi ISE, and Makoto HANASHIMA 73-80 1.56MB
Remote Support for Local Governments Affected by the Disaster Takuya TAKAHASHI and Tadashi ISE 81-86 0.65MB
Field Survey Report on the Landslide Disasters Induced by the July 2017 Northern Kyushu Heavy Rainfal Takashi KIMURA, Tsuyoshi WAKATSUKI, Ryuji YAMADA, Tomohiro ISHIZAWA, Toru DANJO, and Naoyuki YOSHIHARA 87-102 1.58MB
Damage of Geotechnical Disaster Induced by the July 2017 Northern Kyushu Heavy Rainfall Toru DANJO and Tomohiro ISHIZAWA 103-112 1.99MB
Operating Status of Asakura-shi Disaster Volunteer Center in the July 2017 Northern Kyushu Heavy Rainfall Qinlin CUI, Masaki IKEDA, Yoshinobu MIZUI, Kan SHIMAZAKI, Taiyoung YI, and Yuichiro USUDA 113-120 0.83MB
Investigation of Evacuation Processes During the July 2017 Northern Kyushu Heavy Rainfall and Awareness of Disaster Mitigation in Welfare Facilities -Note on hearing investigation with welfare facilities in Asakura City- Yoriko HATANO, Satoshi IIZUKA, Tsuyoshi NAKATANI, Ryohei MISUMI, and Shin-ichi SUZUKI 121-133 0.37MB
51 2018.2 Research Report on Disaster Caused by Kanto Tohoku Heavy Rainfall in September 2015 First Cover, Frontispiece
Characteristics of Mesoscale Convective Systems during Kanto Tohoku Heavy Rainfall in September 2015 and Field Investigation of Inundation Depth Conducted in Joso City Ryohei MISUMI, Shingo SHIMIZU, Takahiro KAYAHARA, Tsuyoshi WAKATSUKI, Kohin HIRANO, Masaya SAKAI, Takahiro IKENAGA, and Yuko MOTAI 1-10 1.15MB
Sediment Movement Trace Map and Field Survey Results for Slope Movements in the Tochigi Prefecture during the Kanto-Tohoku Heavy Rainfall Disaster, September 2015 - Soil properties and lope stability for slope failures, and a geomorphic threshold for debris-flow arrival in the Kanto Loam and Granitic rock areas - Tsuyoshi WAKATSUKI, Mariko UEDA, Naofumi TAKEDA, Shinya AOKI, Masato SATO, Ryuji YAMADA, Tomoyuki IIDA, Takahiro IKENAGA, Toru SHINOHARA, and Masaya SAKAI 11-41 8.76MB
Development and Provision of Information Products for Immediate Post-disaster Response – Rapid Mapping Technology to Accurately assess Damage – Shoichiro UCHIYAMA 43-61 1.6MB
Construction and Update of Disaster Information Map during the Kanto-Tohoku Heavy Rainfall Disaster in September 2015 – A Case Study of Information Support in Joso City Hall – Hiroaki SANO, Ryota SATO, Takuya TAKAHASHI, Tadashi ISE, Takeshi ISONO, Makoto HANASHIMA, Shoichiro UCHIYAMA, Hitoshi TAGUCHI, and Yuichiro USUDA 63-72 0.75MB
Interview Survey on Disaster Response by Joso City Safety and Security Section and Information Policy Division Takuya TAKAHASHI, Ryota SATO, Makoto HANASHIMA, Tadashi ISE, Takeshi ISONO, Taiyoung Yi,Yoshinobu MIZUI, Nobuyuki HANDA, Kazuyori MASUDA, Hiroaki SANO, Shinya MIURA,Hitoshi TAGUCHI, and Yuichiro USUDA 73-78 0.77MB
Results and Issues of Information Sharing and Utilization Among Disaster Response Organizations – A Case Study of disaster information support in Joso flood by 2015 September heavy rainfall – Hiroaki SANO, Yoshinobu MIZUI, Taiyoung YI, Nobuyuki HANDA, Makoto HANASHIMA, Takeshi ISONO, Hitoshi TAGUCHI, and Yuichiro USUDA 79-86 0.94MB
The Validation of the Information Operational Support Tool at Disaster Volunteer Centers – a Case Study in Joso City – Yoshinobu MIZUI, Taiyoung YI, Hiroaki SANO, Qinglin CUI, and Kan SHIMAZAKI 87-92 1.2MB
Utilization of Information to Assist People Requiring Care in Time of Disaster – A case study of the 2015 Kanto-Tohoku heavy rainfall in Joso City, Ibaraki Prefecture – Taiyoung YI, Kazuyori MASUDA, Yoshinobu MIZUI, Hiroaki SANO, and Nobuyuki HANDA 93-100 0.65MB
Investigation on Actual Condition and Issues of Disaster Public Relations in Joso Flood Kazuyori MASUDA, Kan SHIMAZAKI, Hiroaki SANO, Tai-young YI, and Yoshinobu MIZUI 101-107 0.55MB
Spatial Arrangement of Joso-shi Disaster Volunteer Center Headquarters Functions Qinlin CUI, Kazumi FUKAYA, Yoshinobu MIZUI, Kan SHIMAZAKI, Taiyoung YI, and Yuichiro USUDA 109-114 0.88MB
Behavior of Bosai Contest Participants in Response to the Joso Flood Kan SHIMAZAKI, Mitsuharu KAMIMURA, and Qinglin CUI 115-120 0.36MB
50 2016.3 Research Report on the Heavy Rainfall Disaster in Izu Oshima Caused by Typhoon Wipha in 2013 First Cover, Frontispiece
Summary of Landslide Disaster in October 2013 In Izu-Oshima Caused by Typhoon Wipha -Damage and Timeline- Hiroaki TSUBOKAWA, Atsuo ISO, Hiroshi INOUE, Yuichiro USUDA, Shoichiro UCHIYAMA, Shingo SHIMIZU, Yukari SYUSSE, Hinako SUZUKI, Naoya TAKAHASHI,Tsuyoshi NAKATANI, and Ryohei MISUMI 1-18 1.87MB
Heavy Rainfall over Izu-Oshima Island Caused by Typhoon Wipha in 2013 -Characteristics of precipitation observed by radars- Ryohei MISUMI, Shingo SHIMIZU, and Yukari SHUSSE 19-34 2.25MB
Historical Disaster Events in Izu Oshima According to the Natural Disaster Event Database in Japan -Heavy Rain and Landslide Events from 1684 to 1997- Hinako SUZUKI, Shoichiro UCHIYAMA, and Yuichiro USUDA 35-52 1.27MB
Geological remarks on the disaster caused by rainfall-induced landslides in Izu-Oshima on October 16, 2013 Norio OYAGI, Shoichiro UCHIYAMA, and Hinako SUZUKI 53-62 0.8MB
Disaster Information and Communication Tools Used by High School Students during Izu-Oshima Heavy Rainfall Caused by Typhoon Wipha in 2013 Naoya TAKAHASHI, Tsuyoshi NAKATANI, and Atsuo ISO 63-72 0.52MB
49 2016.2 Research Report on Wide Area Snow Disasters associated with South-Coast Cyclones in February, 2014 and Snow-Related Disasters in 2014/15 Winter First Cover, Frontispiece, first,errata
Snow Disaster Caused by a Cyclonic Heavy Snowfall in February, 2014, and Countermeasures Taken by the NIED and its Future Direction for Disaster Prevention Isao KAMIISI and Kazuki NAKAMURA 1-10 2.04MB
Distributions of Precipitation and Surface Meteorological Elements Associated with Extratropical Cyclones on February 8-9 and 14-15, 2014 Sento Nakai 11-18 681KB
Characteristics of Types of Snow and Constituent Snow Crystals from Two Extratropical Cyclones Passing Along the Pacific Ocean Side of the Japan Islands in February 2014 and Frequent Occurrence of Avalanches in the Kanto-Kohshin Area Masaaki ISHIZAKA, Hiroki MOTOYOSHI, and Sento NAKAI 19-30 1.37MB
Avalanche Disaster Caused by a Cyclonic Heavy Snowfall on February, 2014 Isao KAMIISI, Kazuki NAKAMURA, Satoru ADACHI, and Katsuya YAMASHITA 31-38 2.02MB
Observation of Frequent Avalanches in Sekiyama Pass along Route 48 and Assessment of Snowpack Stability on the Valley Slopes Osamu ABE, Kazuki NAKAMURA, Kengo SATO, and Kenji KOSUGI 39-46 1.15MB
Characteristics of Avalanches Caused by a Cyclonic Snowfall on February 9, 2014 at Nishikawa-machi, Yamagata Prefecture Kazuki NAKAMURA and Kenji KOSUGI 47-54 1.23MB
Preliminary Results of the Application of the Snow Disaster Forecasting System for Use in the Forecasting of the Heavy Snowfall Disasters that Occurred in Kanto-Koshin in 2014 Satoru YAMAGUCHI, Hiroyuki Hirashima, Hiroki Motoyoshi, and Isao Kamiisi 55-62 934KB
Snow Survey Around a Damaged Membrane Structure Caused by Heavy Snowfall Kazuki NAKAMURA, Osamu ABE, and Kengo SATO 63-68 1.24MB
A Numerical Experiment of the Severe Blowing Snow in and Around Nakashibetsu, Hokkaido, in Mid-February 2014 Masaki NEMOTO, Isao KAMIISHI, and Kazuki NAKAMURA 69-74 769KB
Wide Area Investigation of a Snow Disaster by Extratropical Cyclone in February, 2014 –February 16-19, 2014– Satoru ADACHI, Hiroki MOTOYOSHI, and Satoru YAMAGUCHI 75-86 2.42MB
Overview of the Snow Disasters in 2014-15 Winter Isao KAMIISI, Satoru ADACHI, Satoru YAMAGUCHI, Hiroki MOTOYOSHI, Masaaki ISHIZAKA,Masaki NEMOTO, Kazuki NAKAMURA, and Katsuya YAMASHITA 87-90 967KB
Investigation into the Heavy Snowfall that Resulted in Fallen Trees and Power Cuts in Tokushima and Gifu Prefectures in December 2014 Katsuya YAMASHITA, Kazuki NAKAMURA, Isao KAMIISHI, Hiroki MOTOYOSHI, and Sento NAKAI 91-100 1.43MB
Research Report on the Simultaneous Multiple Avalanche Accidents that Occurred in January, 2015 Satoru YAMAGUCHI, Kazuki NAKAMURA, and Isao KAMIISI 101-105 898KB
Surface Avalanches in Yamagata and Miyagi Prefectures in 2015 Osamu ABE, Kazuki NAKAMURA, and Kenji KOSUGI 107-114 1.18MB
On the Avalanche in Hachimantai on 17 February 2015 Kenji KOSUGI, Osamu ABE, and Yoriko HIRAYAMA 115-118 714KB
The Application of a Blowing Snow Prediction System in Nakashibetsu, Hokkaido, in the Winter of 2014/15 Masaki NEMOTO, Isao KAMIISHI, and Kazuki NAKAMURA 119-122 434KB
48 2012.3
Reserch Report on the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster First Cover (179KB), Frontispiece (2.3MB), Supplement (7.5MB), Appendix1 : 311Timeline (15MB)
Outline of the 2011 off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake Yoshimitsu OKADA 1-14 1.6MB
The 2011 Off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake detected by NIED Hi-net-Seismograms, damage, and recovery- Makoto MATSUBARA, Katsuhiko SHIOMI, Tetsuya TAKEDA, Hisanori KIMURA, Takumi MATSUMOTO, Hitoshi HIROSE, Yoichi ASANO, Tatsuhiko SAITO, Takanori MATSUZAWA, Tomotake UENO,Takeshi KIMURA, Takayuki MIYOSHI, Sachiko TANAKA, Bogdan ENESCU,Hirotoshi MATSUBAYASHI, Tomoe KAZAKAMI, and Yoshikatsu HARYU 15-51 14.5MB
Source Rupture Process of the 2011 off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake Derived from Strong-Motion Records Wataru SUZUKI, Shin AOI, Haruko SEKIGUCHI, and Takashi KUNUGI 53-62 1.8MB
Strong Motions of the 2011 Tohoku-Oki Earthquake Takashi KUNUGI, Shin AOI, Wataru SUZUKI, Hiromitsu NAKAMURA, Nobuyuki MORIKAWA, and Hiroyuki FUJIWARA 63-72 5.0MB
On the Coastal Disaster by the 2011 off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake Shinya SHIMOKAWA, Satoshi IIZUKA, Tomokazu MURAKAMI, Takahiro KAYAHARA, Naoki SAKAI, Yasuaki NOUGUCHI, Toshinori OGASAWARA, and Takashi YASUDA 73-89 7.5MB
Emergency Evacuation and Human Losses from the 2011 off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami Takeshi MIZUTANI 91-104 5.4MB
Low-Altitude Aerial Photography of Tsunami Affected Areas by the Great East Japan Earthquake Hiroshi INOUE, Hiroshi IMAI, and Masayoshi SATO 105-110 2.3MB
Features and Distribution of Landslides in the 2011 off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake Shoji DOSHIDA and Shoichiro UCHIYAMA 111-120 2.8MB
Liquefaction Damage of the Tonegawa River Basin During the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake Nobusuke HASEGAWA, Takahiro MAEDA, Shinichi KAWAI, Shohei NAITO, Asako IWAKI, Ken Xiansheng HAO, Nobuyuki MORIKAWA, Hiroki AZUMA, and Shigeki SENNA 121-134 5.7MB
The Snow and Earthquake Multiple Disaster Induced by North Nagano Prefecture Earthquake on 12 March 2011 - Avalanches induced by the earthquake - Isao KAMIISI, Hiroki MOTOYOSHI, and Masaaki ISHIZAKA 135-140 2.1MB
Support Activities to Areas Stricken by the Great East Japan Earthquake Practical Appreciation of Information Technologies -Case of the Activities in Miyagi and Iwate Prefecture - Toshinari NAGASAKA, Hiroaki TSUBOKAWA, Youhei SUNAGA, Taiyoung LEE, Hitoshi TAGUCHI, Yuichiro USUDA, and Susumu FUNADA 141-160 3.5MB
Acquisition and Publication of Materials and Information on The 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster in Disaster Information Laboratory, NIED Hinako SUZUKI, Shoichiro UCHIYAMA, Yayoi HOTTA, and Hiroaki NEGISHI 161-191 2.6MB
47 2012.2 Research Report on Features of Heavy Snowfall, Snow Cover and Snow-Related Disasters in 2010/2011 Winter First Cover, Frontispiece, first
Snowfall Characteristics and the Occurrence of Related Disasters during the Heavy Snowfall in 2010/2011 Winter - Overview in Whole Japan and the Concentrated Heavy Snowfall in Tottori - Sento NAKAI and Satoru YAMAGUCHI 1-16 12.1MB
On Heavy Snowfall in the Aizu Region of Fukushima Prefecture in December 2010 Hiroki MOTOYOSHI and Sento NAKAI 17-31 18.2MB
On the Meteorological, Snowfall and Snow Cover Features during 2010/2011 Winter Season Satoru YAMAGUCHI and Masaki NEMOTO 33-52 7.2MB
Features of Snow Cover Structure at Shinjo in the 2010/11 Winter Shigeto MOCHIZUKI, Osamu ABE, Takeshi SATO, Masaki NEMOTO and Kenji KOSUGI 53-56 808KB
An Outline of Snow Disasters during the Winter of 2010/2011 Atsushi SATO 57-62 1.3MB
Snow and Ice Damage to Human and Buildings in the Tohoku District during 2010/2011 Winter Takeshi SATO 63-70 1.6MB
Observations of the Avalanche Accident Occurred on Route 112 and Judgment of Avalanche Safety for the Surrounding Slopes Osamu ABE, Masaki NEMOTO, Shigeto MOCHIZUKI, Kenji KOSUGI, Masaaki HANAOKA, Makoto MACHIDA, Takashi MACHIDA, Takayuki ABE and Isao KAMIISHI 71-82 5.6MB
Avalanches Induced by North Nagano Prefecture Earthquake on 12 March 2011 Isao KAMIISHI, Hiroki MOTOYOSHI and Masaaki ISHIZAKA 83-86 3.2MB
Report of an Avalanche Accident at Tateyama, Kunimidake on 30 November, 2010 Satoru YAMAGUCHI 87-90 1.0MB
Studies on Capsizing of Boats Caused by 2010/2011 Heavy Snowfall at Tottori and Shimane Prefectures in Japan Masaaki ISHIZAKA and Yasuaki NOGUCHI 91-96 0.8MB
Predictability of Avalanches Occurred in the Winter of 2010/11 - Evaluation of Snowpack Un-stabilization Calculated using Numerical Snowpack Model - Hiroyuki HIRASHIMA and Isao KAMIISHI 97-102 1.0MB
Prediction of Poor Visibility due to Blowing Snow and its Verification - Application to Measures against Blowing Snow Disasters by Niigata City during 2010/2011 Winter - Takeshi SATO, Masaki NEMOTO, Isao KAMIISHI, Hiroki MOTOYOSHI and Sento NAKAI 103-112 2.6MB
Estimation of Volume of Snow at Snow Disposal Fields in Shinjo City in the Winter of 2010/11 Osamu ABE and Shigeto MOCHIZUKI 113-118 2.7MB
46 2011.12 Report on Disaster Caused by the October 2010 Heavy Rainfall in Amami Oshima First Cover, Frontispiece, Appendix
The Characteristics of the Intense Rainfall on Amami-Oshima Islandin October, 2010, and the Related Atmospheric Circulation Shin-ichi SUZUKI 1-6 2.7MB
The Disaster Response in Amami Heavy Rain on October 2010 Toshinari NAGASAKA, Hiroaki TSUBOKAWA, Taiyoung LEE, Hinako SUZUKI,Katsuya KINOSHITA, and Takeyuki AMANO 7-22 5.6MB
45 2011.3 Research Report on 2009 Floods and Landslides Disasters Caused by Typhoons Ondoy, Pepeng in the Philippines First Cover, Frontispiece
2009 Typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng Disasters in the Phillipines Tadashi NAKASU, Teruko SATO, Takashi INOKUCHI, Shinya SHIMOKAWA, and Akiko WATANABE 9-15 0.4MB
Fujiwhara effect; the interaction between T0917 and T0918 Shinya SHIMOKAWA, Satoshi IIZUKA, Takahiro KAYAHARA,Shinichi SUZUKI, and Tomokazu MURAKAMI 23-26 0.8MB
Landslide Disaster around Baguio City caused by Typhoon Pepeng in 2009 Takashi INOKUCHI, Tadashi NAKASU and Teruko SATO 35-41 2.1MB
2009 Typhoon Ondoy Flood Disasters in Metro Manila Teruko SATO AND Tadashi NAKASU 63-74 3.2MB
Representations over a Tropical Storm Disaster and the Restoration of Everyday Lives for Urban Poor Victims in the Philippines - The Case of Typhoon Ondoy - Akiko WATANABE, Tadashi NAKASU, and Takashi INOKUCHI 81-85 0.6MB
The Exacerbation of Human Suffering and Disaster Response Caused by Tropical Storm Ondoy and Typhoon Pepeng Disasters - Cases of NCR and Baguio City - Tadashi NAKASU 97-104 1.3MB
44 2010.9 Report on Disasters Caused by the July 2009 Chugoku-Northern Kyushu Heavy Rainfall First Cover, Frontispiece
Meteorological Situations of the Yamaguchi Heavy Rainfall on 21 July 2009 -Local Front and Orographic Effects- Ryohei MISUMI 1-9 3.3MB
Time-space Variation of Rainfall and Flood Damages during the Fukuoka Heavy Rainfall in July 2009 and July 2003 Atsushi KATO, Ryohei MISUMI, Kohin HIRANO, and.Shinya KAWADA 11-20 4.0MB
The synoptic and meso-αscale characteristics of the atmospheric circulation related to the intense rainfall in Chugoku and northern Kyushu in July, 2009 Shin-ichi SUZUKI 21-26 3.0MB
Characteristics of Flood Disaster in the Otoshi District Yamaguchi City by Chugoku-Kyushu-Hokubu Heavy Rainfall in July 2009 Kohin HIRANO, Ryohei MISUMI, Atsushi KATO, Tsuyoshi WAKATSUKI, and Shinya KAWADA 27-38 6.3MB
Characteristics of Debris Flow and Slope Failure on Granite Slopes Caused by Heavy Rainfall on July 2009 in Hofu and Yamaguchi Cities,Japan Tsuyoshi WAKATSUKI, Takeaki ISHIZAWA, Masaki UETAKE, and Shinya KAWADA 39-51 10.1MB
The Issue of Regional Disaster Prevention Countermeasures in the Case of 2009 Flood and Sediment Disasters Toshinari NAGASAKA, Hiroaki TSUBOKAWA, Yuichiro USUDA, Hitoshi TAGUCHI, and Takao SATO 53-61 12.6MB
Damage and Activity of Fire Department of Hofu during the Chugoku-Kyushuhokubu Heavy Rainfall in July 2009 Shinya KAWADA, Masaki UETAKE, Ryohei MISUMI, and Tsuyoshi WAKATSUKI 63-77 19.3MB
43 2010.3 Report on Disasters Coused by 2008 Iwate-Miyagi Nairiku Earthquake First Cover, Frontispiece
Topographical and Geological Features of Landslide Disasters Caused by the 2008 Iwate-Miyagi Nairiku Earthquake Takashi INOKUCHI, Norio OYAGI, Shoichiro UCHIYAMA, and Fumitake SHIMIZU 1-10 6.1MB
Source Rupture Process of the 2008 Iwate-Miyagi Nairiku Earthquake-Waveform Inversion Analysis Using Strong Motion Records- Wataru SUZUKI, Shin AOI, and Haruko SEKIGUCHI 11-18 4.4MB
Strong Motions of the 2008 Iwate-Miyagi Nairiku Earthquake-Asymmetric Ground Motion and Trampoline Effect- Shin AOI, Takashi KUNUGI, Hiroyuki FUJIWARA, Nobuyuki MORIKAWA, and Wataru SUZUKI 19-29 3.9MB
42 2009.3 Report on Earthquake Disasters Caused by the July 2007 Niigata Chuetsu-oki, Earthquake in Japan First Cover, Frontispiece
Features of 2007 Niigata-ken Chuetsu-oki Earthquake Disaster Toshinari NAGASAKA, Hiroaki TSUBOKAWA, Shingo NAGAMATSU, Yuichiro USUDA, Shinya MIURA, and Saburo IKEDA 1-8 6.7MB
Disaster Response by Kashiwazaki City Municipal Government in Case of 2007 Niigata-chuetsu-oki Earthquake Toshinari NAGASAKA, Junichi ODA, and Yoshi ABE 9-44 7.8MB
Detecting Local Coping Capacity Against Disasters : Quantitative Analysis of Questionaire Survey on Residents of Kashiwazaki City Shingo NAGAMATSU, Toshinari NAGASAWA, and Saburo IKEDA 45-51 2.0MB
Community Systems of Kashiwazaki City and Issues Regarding Disaster Response Hiroaki TSUBOKAWA, Shinya MIURA, Toshinari NAGASAKA, Shingo NAGAMATSU , and Saburo IKEDA 53-67 5.4MB
Current Situation and Future Themes for Disaster Broadcasting Through Community FM Yuichiro USUDA, Toshinari NAGASAKA, Yoshi ABE, and Jun"ichi ODA 69-103 7.8MB
41 2006.3 Report on Disasters Caused by Hurricane Katrina on August 29, 2005 in the U.S. First Cover, Frontispiece
Characteristics of the 2005 Hurricane Katrina Disasters Teruko SATO, Tadashi NAKASU, Takeshi MIZUTANI, Hiroaki TSUBOKAWA, Yayoi HARAGUCHI, Koji DAIRAKU, Atsushi KATO, and Saburo IKEDA 1-22 14.7MB
Climate-Hydrological Conditions and Increasing Vulnerability to Water Hazard in the Vicinity of New Orleans Koji DAIRAKU, Takeshi MIZUTANI, and Teruko SATO 23-31 3.5MB
Physical Damage Caused by Hurricane Katrina Atsushi KATO 33-44 1.4MB
Environmental Damages and Wetland Developments -Lessons Learned from Hurricane Katrina- Yayoi HARAGUCHI 45-53 0.3MB
Expansion Process of Human Damages Caused by Hurricane Katrina -A Case of New Orleans- Tadashi NAKASU 55-69 0.4MB
Government Measures against Hurricane Disasters Hiroaki TSUBOKAWA 71-108 1.3MB
Insurance Issue after Hurricane Katrina -What Lessons Should Japan Learn from the Insurance System of Natural Hazard in the U.S.- Hiroaki TSUBOKAWA 109-116 0.3MB
Appendix Tadashi NAKASU 117-119 0.2MB
40 2006.3 Report on Flood and Landslide Disasters on July 2004 in the Niigata and Fukui Regions, Japan First Cover, Frontispiece
Outline of the Flood and Landslide Disasters in Niigata and Fukui Prefecture due to Heavy Rainfall on July, 2004 Takashi INOKUCHI and Kazurou NAKANE 1-8 2.3MB
Meteorological Disturbances and Precipitation during the Niigata-Fukushima and the Fukui Heavy Rainfall in July 2004 Ryohei MISUMI 9-32 2.7MB
Characteristics of the Flood Risk of the 2004-Niigata Flood Disasters Teruko SATO, Kazurou NAKANE, Saburo IKEDA, and Toshinari NAGASAKA 33-78 48.4MB
Characteristics of Heavy Rainfall and Flood Disasters in Niigata, Fukushima, and Fukui in July, 2004 Hironori HIGASHI 79-92 2.2MB
Study of Flood Risk Awareness and Flood Prevention Behaviors of Resident -Outline of Questionnaire Survey in Sanjo City, Fukui City, and Toyooka City- Project Team for “Research on Social System Resilient against Natural Disaster” 93-102 5.1MB
Resident"s Recognition about Rainfall and Evacuation Action in Flood Disaster -Case of Niigata, Fukui Heavy Rainfall and Typhoon No.23 in 2004- Yukiko TAKEUCHI 103-110 0.2MB
Resident"s Awareness of Recovery Activities of Administrative Agency -A Case Study in the Cities of Sanjo, Fukui, and Toyooka- Kiyomine TERUMOTO 111-118 1.8MB
A Study of Volunteers Active in Disaster -A Case of Niigata-Fukui Flood and Typhoon No.23- Isamu SUZUKI 119-127 0.8MB
Examination of Disposed Disaster Wastes -The Case of Sanjo City in Niigata Prefecture, Fukui City in Fukui Prefecture, and Toyooka City in Hyogo Prefecture- Kenji TAKAO 129-134 0.4MB
Resident"s Acceptability of Flood Risk and the Willingness to Pay for Flood Risk Reduction Guofang ZHAI 135-142 0.7MB
39 2006.1 Report on Flood Disaster Caused by Tyhoon No.10 on August 9, 2003 in the Districts of Hidaka and Tokachi, Hokkaido First Cover , Frontispiece
Outline of Flood Disaster in the Districts of Hidaka and Tokachi, Hokkaido Kazurou NAKANE 1-6 1.3MB
Typhoon 0310 Etau and the Damage Michiaki YUMOTO 7-16 8.2MB
Flood Damage from a Typhoon in the Hidaka Area, Hokkaido - the Sarukawa and Mukawa Rivers Yukiko TAKEUCHI 17-26 2.1MB
Disaster Response and Decision Making for Disaster Prevention -The Hidaka (Hokkaido) Area Disaster, August 2003- Isamu SUZUKI, SHIN HongSon, and Kazuro NAKANE 27-44 3.1MB
38 2002.7 Report on Urban Flood Disasters and Landslides on September 2000 in the Tokai Regions, Japan First Cover , Frontispiece
Characteristic Features of Tokai Rainfall Disaster Tsuneharu YONETANI
1-4 0.08MB
Meso-α-scale Features of the Tokai Heavy Rainfall in September 2000 Shin-ichi SUZUKI 5-16 1.5MB
Relation of the Water Level with Heavy Rainfall in the Small River Basin on the Tokai Torrential Rainfall Kazurou NAKANE 17-98 6.7MB
Time and Spatial Distribution of the Damage in the 2000 Tokai Urban Flood Disasters SATO Teruko 99-161 8.3MB
Tokai Disaster as an Urban Flood Hazard : a Survey ReportM Kami Seo and Teruko SATO 163-176 0.6MB
Report on the Debris Disaster in Tokai Region Due to Heavy Rainfall in September, 2000 Takashi INOKUCHI 177-195 3.2MB
37 2001.3 Report on the Torrential Rainfall Disasters on August 26 to 31, 1998 in the Northern KANTO and Southern TOHOKU Regions of Japan First Cover, Frontispiece
Summary of the Torrential Rainfall Disasters on August 26 to 31, 1998 in the Northern KANTO and Southern TOHOKU Regions of Japan Kazurou NAKANE 3-12 0.4MB
On the Mechanism of the 1998 Tochigi-Fukushima Heavy Rainfall Ryohei MISUMI 13-36 0.8MB
Flash Flood along the Nakagawa River Basin Caused by Torrential Rainfall on August 26 to 31 , 1998 Kazurou NAKANE 37-89 1.6MB
On the Flood Disaster in the Abukuma River Basin at the End of August 1998 Tokuo KISHII 91-105 0.4MB
Report of the Landslide Disaster in the Upper Part of the Abukuma River, Fukushima Prefecture, Due to Heavy Rainfall in August 1998 Takashi INOKUCHI 107-136 1.2MB
Flood Damage and Land Conditions in the Nakagawa River Basin, Japan Caused by Heavy Rainfall at the End of August 1998 SATO Teruko 137-216 3.8MB
36 1999.9 Report on the Niigata Flood Disaster on August 4, 1998, Japan First Cover, Frontispiece
Summary of the Niigata Flood Disaster on August 4, 1998, Japan Kazurou NAKANE 1-18 30.7MB
On the Passage of a Mesoscale Cyclone during the Niigata Heavy Rainfall on August 4, 1998 Ryohei MISUMI 19-34 1.0MB
Flash Floods Caused by Torrential Rain in Niigata, Japan on August 4, 1998 Kazurou NAKANE 35-57 10.2MB
Flood Damages and its Land Conditions in Niigata Prefecture, Japan Caused by Heavy Rainfall on August 4, 1998 SATO Teruko 59-129 28.7MB
35 1998.5 Report on the Hariharagawa Debris Flow Disaster on July, 1997 in Kagoshima Prefecture, JAPAN Hiromu MORIWAKI,Teruko SATO, and Masaru CHIBA 1-69 55.2MB
34 1998.3 Report on the Disaster by the Disaster by the May, 1997 Sumikawa Landslide and Debris Flows at Kazuno City, Akita Prefecture Kohei TANAKA,Takashi INOKUCHI 1-40 20.4MB
33 1995.3 Report on the Disaster Caused by the East off Hokkaido Earthquake on October 4, 1994 Chikahiro MINOWA, Takashi INOKUCHI, Makoto MIYAMATO, Takaaki KAGAWA, and Akio ABE 1-63 9.0MB
32 1995.3 Report on the Landslide and Flood Disasters Caused by the Heavy Rainfall in August, 1993 in Kagoshima, Japan Hiromu MORIWAKi, Kazurou NAKANE, Ryohei MISUMI, and Tetsuya JITSUFUCHI 1-195 29.9MB
31 1991.3 Report on the Flood and Landslide Disaster Caused by the Heavy Rainfall on July 2, 1990 in Kyushu, Japan Norio OYAGI,Teruko SATO, and Tsuruhei YAGI 1-126 32.0MB