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Report of NIED List

Report of NIED List [ ISSN 1347-7471 (ONLINE) ]
No. Issue date
(Online Publication date)
Title Author Page PDF (File Size in MB)
◆ No.84 (2020.01) and later, please see the NIED institutional repository.
83 2018.02
Construction for Blast Location Database for the Hi-net Automatic Hypocenter Determination System K. Shiomi 1-11 1.12 MB
82 2018.02
Predictability of a Heavy Precipitation Event over Hiroshima Prefecture in Japan in 2014 Using a Cloud Resolving Storm Simulator – Sensitivity to Horizontal Resolution and Numerical Viscosity – R. Kato, K. Shimose, and S. Shimizu 1-16 3.03 MB
81 2018.02
Evaluation of IGS Reprocessed Precise Ephemeris Applying the Analysis of the Japanese Domestic GPS Network Data S. Shimada 1-6 0.3 MB
A New Methodology to Assess the Impacts of Precipitation Change on Flood Risk in the 23 Wards of Tokyo J. Hirano and K. Dairaku 7-14 0.7 MB
Large-scale Biaxial Friction Experiments Using a NIED Large-scale Shaking Table - Design of Apparatus and Preliminary Results - E. Fukuyama, K. Mizoguchi, F. Yamashita, T. Togo, H. Kawakata, N. Yoshimitsu, T. Shimamoto, T. Mikoshiba, M. Sato, C. Minowa, T. Kanezawa, H. Kurokawa, and T. Sato 15-35 2.67 MB
Approaches for Reconstructing a Three-dimensional Model by SfM to Utilize and Apply this Model for Research on Natural Disasters S. Uchiyama, H. Inoue, and H. Suzuki 37-60 31.3MB
Multicopter Aerial Photography for Natural Disaster Research H. Inoue, S. Uchiyama, and H. Suzuki 61-98 26.57 MB
80 2013.03
New Measurements of Sensor Orientation at NIED Hi-net Stations K. Shiomi 1-20 2.1MB
Methodology for Flood Risk Assessment in Tokyo Metropolitan Area J. Hirano and K. Dairaku 1-6 0.5MB
Study on the Factors Contributing to Inland Floods in Tokyo K. Matsushita, R. Misumi, T. Maesaka, and K. Iwanami 1-20 1.16MB
79 2012.02
Seismic Performance by Comparison of Batter-pile and Vertical-pile Foundation using Centrifuge Modeling M. Sato, Y. Taji, J. Jang, and T. Tazoh 1-8 1.2MB
Quasi-Static Control Performance of the Large-Scale Shaking Table at National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention F. Yamashita, E. Fukuyama, K. Mizoguchi, T. Togo, T. Mikoshiba, M. Sato, and C. Minowa 9-23 1.0MB
Forecast Experiment of Landslides Using a Cloud-Resolving Model - Case Study of Disasters in Yokohama City Caused by Typhoon 0422 - R. Misumi and S. Shimizu 25-30 1.0MB
(2012. 1)
Advanced Disaster Operation of the Tokyo Fire Department during Localized Severe Rainfall in Northern Tokyo on 5 July 2010 M. Yoshii, R. Misumi, A. Kato, and T. Maesaka 31-43 1.0MB
78 2011.02
Quantitative Precipitation Forecast Using Cloud-Resolving Storm Simulator for the Case of T0422 S. Shimizu, A. Kato, T. Maesaka, K. Kieda, and K. Iwanami 1-14 1.7MB
2011.02 Precipitation Nowcasting Based on Polarimetric Radar for Typhoon Events -Combination method using cross correlation and wind advection- A. Kato, S. Shimizu, M. Maki, K. Iwanami, and T. Maesaka 15-24 1.6MB
Seismo-volcanic Activity at Eastern off Izu Peninsula, Central Japan Yoshimitsu OKADA 25-38 1.0MB
77 2010.09
Quick Hypocenter Determination in Three-Dimensional Velocity Structure, Using the Pre-Calculated Travel Time Data S. Sekiguchi 1-5 0.5MB
Reproduction of Large-scale Tests of Dynamic Behavior on Sand Deposits and Soil-Pile-Structure Systems by Dynamic Centrifuge Modeling M. Sato 7-18 1.2MB
Drilling survey at the Maruyama Mountain, Yamakita Town in the western part of Kanagawa Prefecture, central Honshu, Japan -toward an investigation of the Quaternary fault suggested by the borehole survey of the Yamakita-minami observatory well- H. Hayashi, T. Nakamitsu, Y. Uesugi, K. Kasahara, and S. Sekiguchi 19-30 1.7MB
Seismic Velocity Structure and Seismicity along and around the Itoigawa-Shizuoka Tectonic Line Active Fault System Inferred from Data Observed at Densely Distributed Stations Y. Asano, T. Takeda, Y. Yukutake, T. Miyoshi, K. Obara, and K. Kasahara 31-47 3.8MB
Study on Prediction of a Slope Failure by Multiple Inclinometers -The Applicability to the Activity of Fire Fighting- M. Uetake, N. Sakai, and T. Fukuzono 49-68 3.0MB
My Winding Road on Earthquake Prediction Research for Thirty Years S. Matsumura 69-78 0.3MB
76 2010.02
Software for Viewing 3D Velocity Structures Beneath Whole Japan Islands M. Matsubara 1-9 1.5MB
Impact of a Dense Seismic Station Distribution on the Relocations of the 2008 Iwate-Miyagi Inland Aftershocks K. Shiomi, S. Sekine, Y. Haryu, K. Obara, T. Takeda, and Y. Asano 11-20 3.6MB
Automated Technique for Anomalous Volcanic Crustal Deformation Detection and Source Estimation by Using Real Time Tiltmeter Data H. Ueda, E. Fujita, M. Ukawa, and E. Yamamoto 21-32 0.6MB
Study on Reproduction Procedure of E-Defense Large-scale Soil Tests Evaluated by Dynamic Centrifuge Modeling -Tests on Dynamic Soil-Pile-Structure Interaction in Horizontal Sand Deposit- M. Sato and K.Tabata 33-42 1.3MB
75 2009.09 No.75 Special Issue on 50 Years since Typhoon Isewan First Cover

Message to the Special Issue President Y. Okada
Feature of the Disasters Caused by Typhoon Isewan (Vera) in 1959 T. Inokuchi 1-10 1.3MB
Impacts of Typhoon Isewan Disaster and Secular Changes in Post-war Typhoon Disaster T. Mizutani 11-32 2.1MB
Studies on Typhoons and their Disasters in NIED S. Shimokawa, S. Iizuka, T. Kayahara, and S. Suzuki 33-40 1.8MB
Typhoon Isewan Disaster and Global Environmental Issues -Driftwoods Damage and Environmental Social System- T. Nakasu and Y. Kaminaga 41-50 0.6MB
Toward Resilient Society to Low Frequency but High Consequences Type Flood Disaster Risk -Contemporary Issues from the 1959 Typhoon Isewan Disasters- T. Sato 51-68 0.7MB
Disaster Recovery of an Urban Area -A Comparative Study between Nagoya City and New Orleans- T. Nakasu 69-82 0.5MB
Introduction of the Isewan Typhoon Collection of NIED Disaster Information Laboratory,and Description of Appendix DVD-ROM Y. Hotta 83-84 0.4MB
74 2009.08
How can the “Coping Capacity of the Local Community Against Disasters” be Evaluated ? S.Nagamatsu, T.Nagasaka, Y.Usuda, and S.Ikeda 1-11 0.5MB
Hypocenter Distribution of Deep Low-Frequency Tremors in Nankai Subduction Zone, Japan T.Maeda and K.Obara 13-19 3.1MB
Websites Related to Disasters and Disaster Risk Reduction-Preliminary Survey on Information Types and Accessibility to the Information- N. Ikeda 21-29 0.3MB
73 2009.03
Note on the Heterogeneity of Earthquake Magnitudes in the Global Centennial Catalog(1900-1999) S.Noguchi 1-18 2.0MB
Borehole Geology and Age of the Hasunuma Seismic Observatorion Well, Sanbu City, Chiba Prefecture, Central Honshu, Japan H.Hayashi, T.Nakamitsu, Y.Yanagisawa, M.Watanabe, S.Horiuchi, C.Shimada, A.Kitamura, S.Sekiguchi, and K.Kasahara 19-39 6.7MB
Quantitative Precipitation Estimation by X-Band Multi-Parameter Radar -Improvement Impact Using Multi-Elevation PPI Data- A.Takahori, T.Maesaka, and R.Misumi 41-47 1.0MB
Rain Rate Estimators of X-Band Polarimetric Radar Scanning at High Elevation Angles M.Maki and Sang-Goon PARK 49-57 0.7MB
72 2008.02
Study of Risk Communication Using Disaster Risk Scenarios- Case Study of an Earthquake Disaster Risk Scenario Making Conducted with the Participation of Fujisawa City Residents - H.Tsubokawa, M.Tanaka, M.Hanashima, T.Nagasaka, and S.Ikeda 1-24 1.7MB
Field Survey Report of the Practices of Disaster Risk Governance in Response to 2007 Niigata Chuetsu-oki Earthquake S.Nagamatsu, H. Tsubokawa, and T,Nagasaka 25-34 0.7MB
Detection of Crustal Deformation Associated with Volcanic Activity of Baitoushan Volcano Using SAR Interferometry T.Ozawa and H.Taniguchi 1-10 2.1MB
Preliminary Results of Detecting Crustal Deformation for 2006 Volcanic Activity of Iwo-jima Volcano by PALSAR / InSAR T.Ozawa, H.Ueda, M.Shimada, M.Murakami, M.Tobita, H.Yarai, K.Wada, T.Amagai, M.Fujiwara, E.Fujita, and M.Ukawa 11-22 0.9MB
Resistivity Structure of Underground Shallow Part of Fault Zone by CSAMT Method-A Case in MIDORI District of NEODANI Fault Zone- T.Matsuda, K.Omura, R.Yamada, and R.Ikeda 23-40 10MB
Extraction of Earthquake Clusters by Linking Method and Declustering in Central Honshu, Japan S.Noguchi 41-54 0.8MB
70 2007.01
Multiple Doppler radar analysis using variational technique to retrieve three-dimensional wind field S.Shimizu and T.Maesaka 1-8 0.7MB
Stratigraphy and Petrological Features of the Borehole Core from the Fifth and Sixth Observation Sites of Fuji Volcano, Central Japan N.Miyaji, M.Takahashi, F.Matsuda, Y.Maezawa, M.Yasui, T.Chiba, and M.Ukawa 9-28 0.9MB
Research of the Snow Risk Information for Residents via Local Government Homepage Site -In the Case of Heavy Snowfall in 2005- T.Nagasaka, H.Tsubokawa, and S.Kuwabara 29-40 0.4MB
69 2006.08 Crustal Deformation Associated with the 2005 West off Fukuoka Prefecture Earthquake Derived from ENVISAT/InSAR and Fault-slip Modeling T.Ozawa, S.Nishimura, and H.Ohkura 1-6 1.0MB
Social Gap and Human Damage Caused by Natural Disasters - Focus on the Damage in Thailand Caused by Indian Ocean"s Tsunami - T.Nakasu 7-16 0.4MB
Comparison of Hypocenter Catalogues Produced by the Kanto-Tokai Seismograph Network (KT-net) and the High-Sensitivity Seismograph Network (Hi-net) N.Mashiko and S.Noguchi 17-42 3.6MB
68 2005.09 Time Evolution of the Eastern Part of the Ongoing Tokai Slow Event S.Shimada and T.Kazakami 1-7 1.8MB
Economic Loss Estimation of Water Supply Shortage Based on Questionnaire Survey in Industrial Sectors F.Jiang, H.Tatano, Y.Kuzuha, and T.Matsuura 9-26 8.0MB
Mechanisms of Aftershock Generation Y.Ito 27-89 19.0MB
Imaging of the Crust by Aftershocks of the 2000 Western Tottori Prefecture Earthquake S.Nakagawa 91-124 1.5MB
VLF-MT Survey in the Creep Segment of the Atotsugawa Fault F.Yamashita, A.Kubo, H.Sakai, Y.Ura, A.Takeuchi, and K.Omura 125-135 0.7MB
Tomographic Inversion of Ground Motion Amplitudes for the 3-D Attenuation Structure beneath the Japanese Islands S.Sekine 137-174 13.0MB
Improved Mapping Method for Deep Crustal Imaging-Application to Wide-angle Reflection Data in the Southwest Japan Arc and its Interpretation- T.Takeda 175-210 1.9MB
67 2005.3 On Prediction of Non-linear Phenomena Related to Natural Disaster Shinya SHIMOKAWA, Hisashi OZAWA, Yasuaki NOHGUCHI, and Shin-ichi SUZUKI 1-6 1.9MB
Flood Risk and its Uncertainty Shinya SHIMOKAWA, Kenji TAKAO, Yukiko TAKEUCHI, Teruko SATO, and Teruki FUKUZONO 7-12 0.5MB
Miocene Subsurface Half-Grabens in the Kanto Plain, Central Japan -A New Viewpoint for Subsurface Geologic Structure on the Basis of Surface Geology- Masaki TAKAHASHI, Hiroki HAYASHI, Keiji KASAHARA, Takeshi IKAWA, Taku KAWANAKA, and Shigeyuki SUDA 13-28 1.8MB
Measurement and Control by Note PC - Introduction to HT(HP)-BASIC - Masaki TOMINAGA 29-62 2.5MB
Education Effect of Learning Support Tool of Flood Risk Literacy Yukiko TAKEUCHI, Kenji TAKAO, Shinya SHIMOKAWA, Teruko SATO, Teruki FUKUZONO, and Saburo IKEDA 63-71 1.9MB
66 2004.9 Development of Miniature 3D Hypocenter Model Yoshimitsu OKADA 1-9 1.3MB
Digital Filters for Seismic Signal Processing Shigeo KINOSHITA 11-73 3.9MB
Landslide Risk Evaluation and Mapping - Manual of Aerial Photo Interpretation for Landslide Topography and Risk Management - Toyohiko MIYAGI, Gyawali B.PRASAD, Charlchai TANAVUD, Aniruth POTICHAN, and Eisaku HAMASAKI 75-137 4.4MB
Development of the Rainfall-runoff Networks Made from the Road Networks Reiko MATSUURA and Kazurou NAKANE 139-145 0.6MB
Anisotropies of Electrical Conductivities and P Wave Velocities of Cataclasites and Mylonites under Ambient Conditions : Laboratory Measurements of Hatagawa Fault Zone Samples Kentaro OMURA 147-152 0.2MB
65 2004.3 Automated Methods for Rapid Estimation of a Seismic Fault Plane Sadaki HORI 1-23 2.6MB
Scaling Relations of Earthquakes Occurring in the Ashio Region, Japan Shigeo KINOSHITA and Miho OHIKE 25-69 12MB
Development of a Seismic Data Analysis System Using a Portable Personal Computer and Its Application to Volcano Researches in Ecuador Tadashi YAMASHINA and Hiroyuki KUMAGAI 71-76 0.7MB
Numerical Modeling of Precipitation Process Ryohei MISUMI and Ken-ichi MARUYAMA 77-96 4.1MB
Borehole Geology and Age of the Kamogawa Deep Observatory, Chiba Prefecture, Central Honshu, Japan Hiroki HAYASHI, Masaki TAKAHASHI, Yukio YANAGISAWA, Fumio YAMAMIZU, Mahito WATANABE, Seiji HORIUCHI, Shiro HASEGAWA, and Keiji KASAHARA 97-118 7.8MB
Status Reports of “Hiyari-Hatto” (Risk Incidents) under the Natural Hazards -Reports of Surveys in Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture and Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture- SHIN Hong Son and Kazurou NAKANE 119-146 15MB
PC-Drum : A PC-based Seismic Recording and Analysis System Feng LEI and Hiroshi INOUE 147-152 0.7MB
Thermodynamics of the Oceanic General Circulation Shinya SHIMOKAWA and Hisashi OZAWA 153-162 1.1
Classification of the Volcanic Sediments in Mt. Yakedake by the Rockmagnetism - Study of the Embedded Temperature- Hideo SAKAI, Toyoaki SAWADA, Tadashi FUGONO, and Takashi INOKUCHI 163-172 1.5MB
64 2003.3 Geophysical Exploration Data Processing System with Optical Media Hisanori KIMURA and Keiji KASAHARA 1-7 0.9MB
Relation between Snow-cloud Mode and Snowfall Distibution Observed in Central Niigata Prefecture Sento NAKAI, Koyuru IWANAMI, Ryohei MISUMI, Sang-Goon PARK, Masujiro SHIMIZU, and Toshiichi KOBAYASHI 9-17 1.1MB
Rockmagnetic Studies on Volcanic Deposits in Boring Cores from Mt. Bandai Hideo SAKAI, Katsuya WATANABE, and Takashi INOKUCHI 19-31 1.4MB
Comparative Experiments of Snowdrifts on the leeward of Snow Fences in a non-equilibrium State Takeshi SATO, Ibrahim Gurer, Kenji KOSUGI, and Atsushi SATO 33-46 1.9MB
The Residents" Evaluation of the Rice Terrace Preservation Activity in Asuka Village in Nara Prefecture -As Unintended Disaster Prevention Measures- Kenji TAKAO, Mako MAEDA, Hiroshi NONAMI, Teruko SATO, and Teruki FUKUZONO 47-57 1.2MB
Dynamic Efficiency Analysis of Flood Prevention Investment in Japan Guofang ZHAI, Teruki FUKUZONO, and Saburo IKEDA 59-70 3.5MB
63 2002.6 Underground Geological Structure beneath the Kanto Plain, Japan Hiroyoshi SUZUKI 1-19 8.9MB
Long-term Changes in Total Monthly Precipitation and Mean Temperature in a Four-month Period (May to August) Michiko HAYANO, Tokuo KISII and Yasuhisa KUZUHA 21-29 3.2MB
Observation of Electric Field Changes on Ocean Bottom Using Telecommunication Marine Cable -Anomalous Electric Field Variation in Association with the Miyake-jima Eruption-  Yukio FUJINAWA, Masaru AOYAGI, Kozo TAKAHASHI, Takumi MATSUMOTO, Hiroshi IITAKA, Takuya DOI, Naoko KASAI, Hiroshi NAKANO, Sohjun SATO, Toshiyuki SAITO, Kiyoshi SASAKI, and Katsuyuki SUKEMUNE 31-55 8.5MB
Feasibility of the Multi Frequency, Full Polarimetric SAR Image Data as a Disaster Observation Technique Verified by Ground Truth Data and Optical Sensor Image Data Tetsuya JITSUFUCHI 57-70 3.7MB
Influences of the Flood Disaster Experience and the Threat of Flood Disaster on Preparadness -The Tokai Flood Disaster Case- Kenji TAKAO, Tadahiro MOTOYOSHI, Teruko SATO, Kami SEO, Saburo IKEDA, and Teruki FUKUZONO 71-83 5.9MB
Electric Field Changes Associated with Volcanic Activities Yukio FUJINAWA, Takumi MATSUMOTO, Hiroshi IITAKA, Naoko KASAI, Hiroshi NAKANO, Sohjun SATO, Toshiyuki SAITO, Takuya DOI, and Kozo TAKAHASHI 85-104 5.0MB
62 2001.1 Visualization of Doppler Radar Data -Three-Dimensional Images of Snow Bands-
Appendix: Movie 1-6 APPENDIX/62/readme.htm
Masayiki MAKI and Hideki MIYACHI 1-13 0.2MB
Snow Grain Size Gauge Using Beads Yasuaki NOHGUCHI 15-19 86KB
61 2001.3 Western North Pacific Tropical Cyclones and ENSO in NIED CGCM Michiaki YUMOTO, Tomonori MATSUURA, Ryuichi KAWAMURA, and Satoshi IIZUKA 1-14 1.7MB
Similarity of Granular Avalanches Yasuaki NOHGUCHI 15-19 0.7MB
Low-Frequency Variability over the North Pacific Simulated in a Coupled Ocean-Atmoshphere Model Satoshi IIZUKA and Tomonori MATSUURA 21-29 2.5MB
Stratigraphy and Petrological Features of the Borehole Core from the Hiromi Observation Well, Fuji Volcano Naomichi MIYAJI, Kunihoko ENDO, Shigeko TOGASHI, Yasuhisa TAJIMA, Jiro KOMORI, Takashi KITSUKAWA, Tatsuro CHIBA, and Motoo UKAWA 31-47 13.0MB
Liquefaction Simulator Licky for Science Education Yasuaki NOHGUCHI 49-53 0.5MB
Spatio-Temporal Relationship between Anomalous ELF/VLF Band Signals and Earthquakes Yukio FUJINAWA, Takumi MATSUMOTO, Kozo TAKAHASHI, Shigeru YAMANE, Hiroshi IITAKA, and Yuji ENOMOTO 55-81 14.8MB
Volcanic Data Analysis System of NIED -On the Procedure for Volcanic Observation Data at Miyakejima Volcano- Eisuke FUJITA, Motoo UKAWA and Eiji YAMAMOTO 83-92 13.2MB
A Mesoscale Cloud Cluster over the East China Sea Detected by TRMM and an Aircraft Dropsonde Observation Sento NAKAI, Kenji NAKAMURA, Haruya MINDA, and Hiromu SEKO 93-106 11.9MB
Fractal Properties of the Distribution of Earthquake Hypocenters in the Kanto Distinct, Japan Shinichi NOGUCHI 107-118 0.4MB
Observation of Air-Snow-Permafrost Interaction at the Inland of Alaska (1) Seasonal and Inter-Annual Variation of Meteorological, Soil and Snow Cover Conditions Takeshi SATO, Yasushi KAMATA, Osamu ABE, Kenji KOSUGI, Masujiro SHIMIZU, Toru NAKAMURA, Kenji YOSHIKAWA, L.D.HINZMAN, Nobuyoshi ISHIKAWA, and Atsushi SATO 119-140 7.5MB
Drilling Investigation through the Nojima Fault of the 1995 Hyogo-ken Nanbu Earthquake, Japan Ryuji IKEDA, Kentaro OMURA, Yoshihisa IIO, Takashi ARAI, Kenta KOBAYASHI, Tatsuo MATSUDA, Koji SHIMADA, Hidemi, TANAKA, Tomiaki TOMITA, and Satoshi HIRANO 141-153 1.6MB
Characteristics of Logging Data for Fracture Zones in Hirabayashi NIED Borehole Drilling through Nojima Fault Kentaro OMURA, Ryuji IKEDA, Yoshihisa IIO, Takashi ARAI, Kenta KOBAYASHI, Koji SHIMADA, Hidemi TANAKA, Tomiaki, TOMITA, Satoshi HIRANO, and Tatsuo MATSUDA 155-171 15.3MB
Fault Rock Distribution in a Fracture Zone at a 1,800m Depth of the Hirabayashi NIED Core Collected by Nojima Fault Drilling Kentaro OMURA, Ryuji IKEDA, Takashi ARAI, Kenta KOBAYASHI, Koji SHIMADA, Hidemi TANAKA, Tomiaki TOMITA, Satoshi HIRANO, and Tatsuo MATSUDA 173-182 14.5MB
Chemical Analysis along Fracture Zones (1,140m, 1,300m, 1,800m Depth) of the Hirabayashi NIED Drilling Core of the Nojima Fault Tatsuo MATSUDA, Takashi ARAI, Ryuji IKEDA, Kentaro OMURA, Kenta KOBAYASHI, Koji SHIMADA, Hidemi TANAKA, Tomiaki TOMITA, and Satoshi HIRANO 183-193 12.5MB
Complete Fault Rock Distribution Analysis along the Hirabayashi NIED Core Penetrating the Nojima Fault at 1,140m Depth, Awaji Island, Southwest Japan Hidemi TANAKA, Tatsuo MATSUDA, Kentaro OMURA, Ryuji IKEDA, Kenta KOBAYASHI, Koji SHIMADA, Takashi ARAI, Tomoaki TOMITA, and Satoshi HIRANO 195-221 20.6MB
Textures of Fault Rocks in the Fracture Zone of the Nojima Fault at a Depth of 1,300m : Observations from the Hirabayashi NIED Drilling Core Kenta KOBAYASHI, Takashi ARAI, Ryuji IKEDA, Kentaro OMURA, Koji SHIMADA, Hidemi TANAKA, Tomiaki TOMITA, Satoshi HIRANO, and Tatsuo MATSUDA 223-229 10.5MB
ESR Investigation of a Thermal History on Hirabayashi NIED Drilling Core Penetrating the Nojima Fault Atsushi TANI, Kentaro OMURA, and Ryuji IKEDA 231-236 0.4MB
Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Ratios of the Calcite Vein in the Nojima Hirabayashi NIED Drilling Core Takashi ARAI, Hiroaki TSUKAHARA, Toshiro MORIKIYO, Ryuji IKEDA, and Kentaro OMURA 237-243 0.4MB
60 2000.3 An Interpretation of Seismotectonics in the Central, Northeastern Japan Arc Using Conductivity Data Yukio FUJINAWA 1-14 6.9MB
Ground Noise Levels at High Sensitivity Seismic Stations in the Kanto-Tokai Region, Central Japan Yoshimitsu OKADA and Kazushige OBARA 15-39 9.0MB
Surface Temperature Observation by the Air-borne Multispectral Scanner, VAM-90A, at the Satsuma-Iojima Volcano Motoo UKAWA, Shinobu YAZAKI and Satoshi MIYASAKA 41-51 5.2MB
Event Data of the Seismic Wave Data Management System for the Super-Plume Project Shoji SEKIGUCHI 53-56 1.8MB
Active Fault Investigations by CSAMT and Galvanic Electric Potential Logging in the Northern Part of Awaji Island, Japan Ryuji IKEDA, Yoshihisa IIO, Kentaro OMURA, Naoyoshi TAKAHASHI, Yuichi SHIOKAWA and Yoichi MATSUDA 57-66 6.4MB
Frost Depth and Snow Weight Observed in the Tibetan Plateau Takeshi SATO, Tadashi KIMURA, CHEN Longxun, LI Weiliang, DUAN Tingyang and GONG Yuanfa 67-80 5.1MB
Correction of Static-shift on Magnetotelluric Data in the Central Part of North-eastern Japan Yukio FUJINAWA and Noriaki KAWAKAMI 81-91 3.3MB
59 1999.3 Evaporation from Non-homogeneous Ground Surfaces: A Wind Tunnel Investigation Tokuo KISII and Fumi SUGITA 1-10 3.1MB
A New Generation Rammsonde Having Multiple Sensors Osamu ABE 11-18 2.6MB
Study on the Dynamics of an Artificial Avalanche in the Tianshan Mountains, China Osamu ABE, Atsushi SATO, Yasuaki NOHGUCHI, Tsutomu NAKAMURA, QIU Jiaqi, XU Junrong, JIANG Fengqing and WANG Xinjun 19-30 4.5MB
Ground Disaster Caused by the Kushiro-oki Earthquake on 15 January 1993 Takashi INOKUCHI 31-56 16.8MB
Seismic Wave Data Management System for the Super-Plume Project Shoji SEKIGUCHI 57-60 1.4MB
An Inter-comparison Between ECMWF and NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis Data Concerning the Asian Monsoon and ENSO Systems Ryuichi KAWAMURA, Yoshiyuki KAJIKAWA and Tetsuzo YASUNARI 61-72 5.6MB
58 1998.3 Variation in amount of Snow, Winter Precipitation and Winter Air Temperatures during the Last 60 Years in Shinjo, Japan Tsutomu NAKAMURA and Osamu ABE 1-14 4.2MB
River Runoff Estimation Simulated by the JMA89 Model (I) -Basinwide Water Balance Compared between Kuo and PAS Schemes- Kimpei ICHIYANAGI, Masaru CHIBA, Masato SUGI, Ken-ichi KUMA and Nobuo SATO 15-27 3.3MB
River Runoff Estimation Simiulated by the JMA89 Model (II) -Development of the River Routing Model- Kimpei ICHIYANAGI, Masaru CHIBA, Masato SUGI, Ken-ichi KUMA and Nobuo SATO 29-39 2.8MB
Concept of a Three-Component Seismometer Using Optical Fiber Sensors Takao EGUCHI 41-46 1.9MB
A Study on the Background of the Formation of Doughtnut Pattern in Seismicity Prior to a Large Interplate Earthquake at Subduction Zones Takao EGUCHI 47-52 2.3MB
A Sensitivity Experiment of a Coupled Ocean-atmosphere GCM : Impacts of Marine Stratus on Sea Surface Temperatures Satoshi IIZUKA, Tomonori MATSUURA, Masaru CHIBA and Masato SUGI 53-60 2.7MB
Characteristics of a Coupled Ocean-atmosphere GCM at NIED Satoshi IIZUKA, Tomonori MATSUURA, Masaru CHIBA and Masato SUGI 61-75 6.2MB
Surface Temperature Observation by the Air-borne Multispectral Scanner, VAM-90A, at Hokkaido-Komagatake, Kuju Volcano and Aso Caldera Motoo UKAWA, Shinobu YAZAKI and Satoshi MIYASAKA 77-104 16.2MB
Stratigraphy and Petrological Feature of the Borehole Cores from Yoshiwara Observation Well, Fuji Volcano Naomichi MIYAJI, Maya YASUI, Akisato KAKUTA, Shigeko TOGASHI, Kunihoko ENDO and Motoo UKAWA 105-120 8.7MB
Error Analysis of the MVVP Method Applied to Nonlinear Wind Field Yoshiaki SASAKI, Masayuki MAKI and Koyuru IWANAMI 121-136 5.1MB
A Cumulus Convection Model of National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention Masaki KANEDA, Ryohei MISUMI and Masaru CHIBA 137-148 3.3MB
Accuracy of Precipitation Parameters Estimated by Vertically Pointing Doppler Rader Observations Masayuki MAKI, Yoshiaki SASAKI and Koyuru IWANAMI 149-168 5.7MB
Development of 3-D Full Scale Earthquake Testing Facility (I) -A Summary of Construction Plan and Basic Technical Development- Keiichi OHTANI, Nobuyuki OGAWA, Chikahiro MINOWA, Tadashi MIKOSHIBA, Shuji TAMURA and Izumi NAKAMURA 169-185 6.1MB
57 1996.12 A Numerical Simulation of Strong Ground Motions of Rather Long Periods near Earthquake Faults Including Effects of Deep Soil Deposits Fumio YAMAMIZU 1-22 7.1MB
Broadband Seismic Observation Conducted under the FREESIA Project Eiichi FUKUYAMA, Mizuho ISHIDA, Sadaki HORI, Shoji SEKIGUCHI and Shingo WATADA 23-31 3.0MB
Distribution of artificial earthquakes in the Kanto-Tokai area and temporal changes Yoshimitsu OKADA 33-57 7.3MB
A system to offer earthquake information through a computer network Sadaki HORI 59-70 4.4MB
A Portable Calorimeter for Mesuring Liquid Water Content of Wet Snow Katsuhisa KAWASHIMA, Toru ENDO and Yukari TAKEUCHI 71-75 1.7MB
56 1996.2 Down-Hole Measurements of Seismic Wave Velocities in Deep Soil Deposits beneath the Tokyo Metropolitan Area Fumio YAMAMIZU 1-32 9.7MB
Hypocenter Relocation by Data Processing Using a Combined Network -the Seismic Network of Tohoku University and the Kanto-Tokai Observational Network of the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention- Tadashi OHKUBO, Norihito UMINO and Akira HASEGAWA 33-48 4.6MB
The Impact of El Nino on Mid and High Latitudes through the Ocean Shinya SHIMOKAWA and Tomonori MATSUURA 49-59 4.3MB
Ecological and Economic Vulnerability of the Marginal Sea to the Global Climate Change -A Comparative Analysis of Regional Environmental Risks in the Japan Sea Rim Saburo IKEDA and Masaaki KATAOKA 61-75 5.2MB
Geology of the Koto Deep Borehole Observatory and Geological Structure beneath the Metropolitan Area, Japan Hiroyoshi SUZUKI 77-123 13.7MB
Construction of unified database in the northeastern Japan arc Redetemination of hypocentral parameters from databases of Tohoku University and National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention Kazushige OBARA, Keiji KASAHARA, Toru MATSUZAWA and Akira HASEGAWA 125-161 9.1MB
55 1995.3 Study on the Pneumatic Conveying System of Snow Lumps -Comparison between Shapes of Snow Lumps in Positive Pressure Type- Toshiichi KOBAYASHI and Motonobu KUMAGAI 1-8 1.4MB
Extraction of Characteristic Mesoscale Wind Fields by VAD Analysis Sento NAKAI 9-23 3.0MB
54 1995.1 Real-Time Flow Forecasting S.K.Jain and Tokuo KISII 1-38 7.4MB
Stratigraphy and Petrological Feature of the Borehole Cores from Observation-well at Narusawa Area, Fuji Volcano Naomichi MIYAJI, Maya YASUI, Shigeko TOGASHI, Nobuyuki ASAKURA, Kunihoko ENDO and Motoo UKAWA 39-73 9.3MB
Transient Response of Pore-Water Pressure under the Water Pressure Inputs in Sand Layers (No.1) Tetsuya JITSUFUCHI 75-91 3.2MB
Automatic Dial-up System for Broadband Seismic Data by Using the Result of Automatic Hypocenter Determination Sadaki HORI 93-109 3.4MB
Studies on the Dynamics of Saltation in Drifting Snow Kenji KOSUGI, Kouichi NISHIMURA and Norikazu MAENO 111-154 6.0MB
The Climate Simulated by the JMA Global Model Part 1: Global Feature Masato SUGI, Ryuichi KAWAMURA and Nobuo SATO 155-180 5.9MB
The Climate Simulated by the JMA Global Model Part 2: Tropical Precipitation Masato SUGI, R.D.NAIR and Nobuo SATO 181-197 4.2MB
53 1994.3 Abrupt Changes of Seasonal Evolution of Large-Scale Convective Activity and Tropical Cyclone Over the Western Pacific Ryuichi KAWAMURA, Tetsuzo YASUNARI and Hiroaki UEDA 1-18 4.4MB
Rainfall-Runoff Modelling of Catchments in Urajiro River Basin Using A Conceptual Model S.K.Jain and Tokuo KISII 19-27 1.6MB
Calibration of A Conceptual Model -Effect of Time Step Size of Parameter Values- S.K.Jain and Tokuo KISII 29-33 0.9MB
Ground Tilt Change Observation at Fuji-Narusawa Volcano Observational Station Motoo UKAWA and Teiji KUMAGAI 35-50 3.2MB
Estimation of the Velocity of S Wave on the Surface Ground with Linear Regression Models Using Dummy Variables and Their Comparison by AIC Shinichi KAWAI 51-62 2.0MB
Utility Programs of Seismic Data on X-Window System Shoji SEKIGUCHI 63-79 4.5MB
52 1993.12 A method for analysis of the variation of the Kuroshio path using satellite thermal imagery Takashi TODA 1-12 2.5MB
Seasonal variability of ocean salinity structure through freshwater exchange Tomonori MATSUURA 13-37 5.1MB
Animation Display of the Results of Numerical Simulation on the Phenomena relating to Earth Science Toshikazu MOROHOSHI, Shinichi KAWAI and Tomonori MATSUURA 39-49 2.3MB
Frequency Distribution and Mean of Newly Fallen Snow Density at the Twenty-two Cities along the Coast of the Japan Sea Yutaka YAMADA 51-67 3.4MB
Estimation method of Newly Fallen Snow Depth Based on Hourly Meteorologial Data -Rain Gauge Method and Multiple Regression Method- Yutaka YAMADA 69-80 2.2MB
Summary of the research project entitled Study on the development of the information system of snow and icing on the pavements for road maintenance Tsutomu NAKAMURA and Tadashi KIMURA 81-105 4.5MB
51 1993.3 Observation with STS seismometer at Nakaizu, central Japan -Observation system and comparison with tiltmeter- Yoshimitsu OKADA and Mizuho ISHIDA 1-22 4.0MB
Underground structure in the Eastern Part of Kanagawa Prefecture Inferred from Explosion Seismic Observations Hiroyoshi SUZUKI, Ryosuke HIROBE and Takeshi WATANABE 23-40 3.8MB
Analysis of S-wave Seismogram Envelope of Deep Earthquakes and Estimation of Random Inhomogeneities in the Kanto-Tokai Area Kazushige OBARA 41-202 33.3MB
Detection of water on road surface by the polarized light Tadashi KIMURA 203-208 1.1MB
Development of a method for predicting snowfall intensity and compacted snow on roads Hissayuki FUNEDA, Kuniyuki SENKURO, Muneo MATSUKAWA and Tadashi ISHISAKA 209-219 1.8MB
Conception of Snow Information Network System in Yamagata Prefecture Masuyoshi MATSUDA, Hiroshi NISHIMURA and Tsugio NAKASHIMA 221-246 4.3MB
50 1992.12 Rader Echo Morphology and Airflow Influenced by a Mountain Range in Winter Monsoon Period -A Case of Cold Frontal Precipitation- Sento NAKAI and Tatsuo ENDOH 1-23 4.5MB
Crustal Deformation Study in the Kanto-Tokai District by the Fixed-Point Tracking Network Applying the Global Positioning System Interferometry Seiichi SHIMADA 25-82 14.0MB
Sea Ice Observation in the Arctic Ocean (I) Hideomi NAKAMURA, Toru NAKAMURA and Yasunori SASAKI 83-97 2.8MB
Anomalous Underground Electric Field Variations Associated with the August 6, 1991 Earthquake (M=5.9) off Ibaraki Yukio FUJINAWA and Kozo TAKAHASHI 99-114 3.0MB
Estimation of Snowfall Intensity on Measurements of Total Snow Weight Using A Pressure Pillow Osamu ABE, Tadashi KIMURA, Natsuo NUMANO and Hideomi NAKAMURA 115-122 1.4MB
Numerical simulation of snowdrift on a road Atsushi SATO and Takahiko UEMATSU 123-135 2.1MB
A Simple Differentiation of Snow Road Formation for Snow Removal Road Osamu ABE 137-143 1.2MB
A New Discrimination Method of Snow and Ice Road Conditions Using A Observation Car Equipped with ultiple Sensors Osamu ABE 145-167 4.7MB
Studies of icing on road surface in snowy region Masayoshi NAKAO, Masujiro SHIMIZU and Shuhei TAKANASHI 169-191 4.8MB
Development of a Method for Predicting Road Surface Temperature and Icing on Roads Hissayuki FUNEDA, Kuniyuki SENKURO, Muneo MATSUKAWA and Tadashi ISHISAKA 193-231 6.2MB
Outline of the network information systems on snow in Japan and the keys of the information system Tsutomu NAKAMURA 233-250 3.1MB
49 1992.3 Preliminary Report of Magnetotelluric Studies on the Electrical Resistivity Structure of the Crust Yukio FUJINAWA, Makoto Uyeshima, Fumio YAMAMIZU, Kouhei TANAKA, Shigetsugu UEHARA, Shinji TAKASUGI and Noriaki KAWAKAMI 1-30 5.2MB
High-frequency variability of tropical convection over the maritime continent Ryuichi KAWAMURA and Atsushi TAKEDA 31-52 5.0MB
Applications of 3 dimensional computer graphics to the Doppler rader data processing Masayuki MAKI, Hiroshi OHKURA and Tadashi MIKOSHIBA 53-64 3.2MB
48 1991.1 Physical geodesy of Neumann's boundary-value problem for GPS-based gravimetries Yukio HAGIWARA 1-26 5.5MB
Anomalous underground electric field variations associated with the October 4, 1990 Izu-Oshima volcanic eruption Yukio FUJINAWA, Teiji KUMAGAI and Kozo TAKAHASHI 27-38 2.7MB
Sensitivity experiment of ocean general circulation model -Responses for wind stress (First report)- Tomonori MATSUURA, Atsushi TAKEDA and Toshio YAMAGATA 39-68 5.3MB
Experimental and theoretical study on heat mechanism of groundwater flow (First report) Masao HIGASHIURA, Takeshi SATO, Tadashi KIMURA, Takao YOKOYAMA and Kiyoteru TANNO 69-88 3.9MB
47 1991.3 Update on the examination of the seismic observational network of the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention (NIED) -detection capability and magnitude correction- Maria Teresa MORANDI and Shozo MATSUMURA 1-18 3.2MB
Calculation of Size-Effect of Blowing Snow Particles by the Snow Particle Counter (Second Report) Atsushi SATO 19-23 0.6MB
Sublimation rate of collected blowing snow in a collector - A case of Net type collector Takeshi SATO 25-46 3.9MB
46 1990.12 Instructive Knowledge about Non-structural Countermeasures for Meteorological and Hydrological Disasters (Part 1) Takeo KINOSHITA 1-9 2.0MB
Mobility of Rock Avalanches Hungr Oldrich 11-20 2.1MB
Annual baseline vector change between Hatsushima and Ito before and after the seismovolcanic activity of 1989, detected by GPS measurement Shoji SEKIGUCHI, Shiro OHMI, Yukio FUJINAWA, Seiichi SHIMADA, Takao EGUCHI and Yoshimitsu OKADA 21-27 3.2MB
Broad-Band Seismic Observation by the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention Sadaki HORI 29-44 3.1MB
Prediction of Failure Time of a Slope by Reciprocal of Mean Velocity -Study on Prediction of Slope Failure (3)- Teruki FUKUZONO 45-81 6.7MB
Frequency Distributions of Densities for Four Types of Snow in Shinjo Osamu ABE 83-92 2.0MB
Sublimation rate of collected blowing snow in a collector -A case of Cyclone type collector- Takeshi SATO 93-116 4.2MB